Contents Packout & Cleaning

The care and cleaning of your contents and furnishings after a fire or water damage loss is an essential component of the restoration process. When there is extensive damage to the structure or the contents of your property, it may be necessary to remove your contents for cleaning and storage until your home or business can be restored. We will inventory, pack, and transport your contents to our secure facility to be cleaned and stored before they are delivered back to your property. We understand that the contents of your home or business can carry significant monetary and sentimental value, and that contents cleaning is a very personal service for our customers. We will handle your possessions with tremendous care and will do whatever is possible to restore items that simply cannot be replaced.

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Restoring Your Contents

We utilize a multi-step contents cleaning and restoration process that ensures all of your contents are documented, inventoried, and accounted for throughout every step.

Inventory & Packout

Your contents will be carefully inventoried and packed for transport to our secure, climate-controlled contents cleaning and storage facility. Items that cannot be restored will remain at your property for coordination and documentation by your insurance provider.

Cleaning and Deodorization

Our contents processing facility is state-of-the-art and fully capable of handling large losses. We utilize ultrasonic cleaning technology to clean and deodorize your contents safely and effectively. We can clean and restore most items including dishes, silverware, picture frames, collectible figurines, and even electronics.


After your items have been cleaned and dried, they will be repacked in new boxes and held in our secure, climate-controlled storage facility. Any items that were not able to be restored will be documented and inventoried for your insurance claim.


When your property has been restored, we will make arrangements for the redelivery of your items. We’ll handle your items with the same care and consideration demonstrated throughout the contents cleaning and restoration process.

You can be confident knowing that your contents are in the hands of experienced and skilled technicians who will treat your belongings with care. Our contents processing facility is recommended by major insurance carriers, and we handle jobs for other restorers as well. No job is too small or too big – we handle it all. Contact us today!

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